Fees to scream at GF Vip 7, but the highest is his!

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Screaming cachet at GF Vip 7. The figures that emerged really make your head spin although no one would have ever guessed who got the biggest slice of the pie.

The Big Brother VIP 7 it started a few months ago, but we still have many days to discover. The dynamics there is no shortage and certainly one never gets bored with this cast.

Gf vip compensation – November 16, 2022 (Credit: Youtube)

There are those who have their preferences and those who dispute the choice of these gieffins, but others will soon also enter.
How much they earn competitors of the GF VIP 7? Let’s find out together the salaries to scream

Screaming fees al GF VIP 7but do you know whose the tallest one is?

This cast of the GF VIP 7 really explosive. It is the first time that all the contestants speak clearly and frankly and don’t mince words.
All this can also be seen from the blatant nominations. I’m never”I vote for him because I don’t speak much to him“, but they all give a much more than valid reason.

Alfonso Signorini did a good job after the last edition which was a lot criticized. Even this year some viewers are not happy, but less than half.

Some contestants have already come out as the host Marco Bellavia, Geneva Lamborghini, Christine Quaranta, John Ciaccietc.

Every week one or more gieffini come out of the Homebut even if they didn’t win, they took home a nice cachet.

Pamela Prati Gf Vip
Pamela Prati at Gf Vip (Credit: Instagram)

However, the gieffina that has the has not yet come out higher compensation within the game. Who if not the diva Pamela Prati?
After five years away from the small screen, the dancer of Baggage he found the courage to tell his story inside the Home most spied on in Italy and has finally told his version of the caso Mark Caltagirone.

However, all of this is not done for free. Looks like Pamela has the highest salary in the Home. In addition to having a room of her own within the reality show, it also seems that the gieffina che earn more from this opportunity. At least these are the rumors, nothing is certain. It is not known what the official figure is, but it would seem that the fee is very high.