Feet to the limit, “Every step is a stab”: Jewell’s syndrome is very particular

Jewell explains to Feet to the limit that she suffers constant pain in her feet, caused by the syndrome she has suffered from since birth.

Jewell is 29 and in constant pain in his feet as if he fractured them. “Every step is a stab,” he tells a Feet to the limit. His girlfriend Dominique sees her in pain and is sick when she cries and cannot walk for days or weeks.

Feet to the limit, “Every step is a stab”: Jewell suffers from a very particular syndrome (Discovery +)

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Jewell dreams of being able to get married wearing high heels, but at the moment this desire of hers is impossible. The Dr. Brad Shaeffer explains that heeled shoes put pressure on the sole, can cause neuralgia, bone problems, hallux valgus, etc. therefore they should be used as little as possible.

When the doctor visits Jewell he will be faced with a truly disconcerting situation.

Feet on the edge, the strange Jewell syndrome and Dr. Shaeffer’s solution

The patient is suffering from amniotic band syndrome, a rare condition that occurs when the fetus becomes entangled in amniotic membranes. If any of these tighten around the toes of the fetus, it can also amputate them. In the womb, formation of the left toes had begun but was stopped. Bones can be felt under the skin and this causes balance problems.

Feet on the edge syndrome
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On the right foot, on the other hand, Jewell presents a very swollen ankle evidently symptom of an inflammatory response that depends on the way of walking to cope with poor balance.

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The famous podiatrist surgeon also notes one dysmetria of the lower limbs, which causes one leg to be longer than the other, and thinks that a good solution may be i orthotics to stabilize the walk. Therefore, during the visit, he takes the cast of his feet to produce custom-made insoles. For the left foot, which has no toes, Jewell will have to put on an orthotic with one prosthesis which will fill the empty space in the shoe.

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Feet on the edge syndrome
Photo source: Discovery +

Now Jewell can walk painlessly and no longer has to be afraid of falling.