Feet to the limit, Holly has webbed fingers: the complication in the operating room scares even Dr. Shaeffer

Holly has endured insults and teases due to her webbed fingers: thanks to Piedi al Limito she will be able to take her revenge!

As a young girl, Holly never showed her feet to anyone for fear of being teased: her toes are webbed and someone even called it ‘monster’ or ‘duck’.

Feet to the limit, Holly has webbed fingers: the complication in the operating room scares even Dr. Brad Shaeffer (Discovery +)

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In eighth grade, on the occasion of the high school prom, all the other girls wore sandals with heels: to be like them, Holly drew a line between her fingers so that they looked like five, but her sister noticed and began to take it in I turn in front of my companions who began to tease her by calling her ‘freak of nature’.

Visiting Holly, the Dr. Brad Shaeffer notes that the patient is suffering from syndactyly: the second and third toes of both feet are fused together. This condition is inherited and quite common. It is necessary to intervene surgically to separate them and we will proceed one foot at a time.

Feet to the limit, ‘accident’ during the surgery to the webbed fingers: Holly takes a bad risk

Separating the toes is sometimes not easy, explains Shaeffer: there is not always enough skin to cover them both and a specific technique is required. ‘zigzag’ to ensure that the flaps heal properly.

Feet to the limit webbed toes
Photo source: Discovery +

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It is very important that the incision is perfect so as not to affect the many neuro-vascular structures that cross the toes. Once the fingers are separated, care must be taken to keep the tissues alive and to preserve circulation throughout the area. In this delicate phase, the tissues are free and must be folded one by one and sutured together, thus obtaining correct healing.

Once the suture is finished, the surgeon notices that Holly’s fingers have turned white, which means that the area is not being sprayed sufficiently. First, he takes off the torniquet, massages his calf and dangles his leg.

Thirty seconds later the situation does not improve and Dr. Shaeffer tries to run for cover for avoid finger necrosis. The second finger has regained its color and then the patient is taken out of the operating room: hot compresses will be applied to her leg to regulate circulation in the third finger as well.

After a while this continues to remain blank and the doctor then decides to cut a couple of stitches: the idea turns out to be right and finally the circulation is restored also in the third finger.

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Feet to the limit webbed toes
Photo source: Discovery +

After 11 weeks, Holly can feel more stable and self-confident – another miracle of Walking to the Limit!