Feet to the limit, no one has ever seen a big toe like Kiara’s: Dr. Shaeffer is baffled

In this episode of Feet on the Edge, we meet Kiara: her left big toe is twice the size of her right one and she even has a second nail.

On seeing the big toe of Kiara you are really amazed: it is as if he had a double finger, in fact you can see a kind of second nail. The girl says that it hurts a lot and that the doctors have not been able to do anything about her problem. He is red, stiff, numb. Feels like a nail that gives her a continuous pang.

Feet to the limit, no one has ever seen a big toe like Kiara’s: Dr. Shaeffer remains open-mouthed (Discovery +)

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It hurts her until she takes it off the ground and, since she works as a cashier, she is forced to stand up for a long time, suffering not a little. A discomfort exacerbated by the teasing of people, especially when it comes to adults, and also by discrimination: even the beautician’s pedicure cost her more, she says.

Tired of struggling with this deformity, she is determined to consult Dr. Shaeffer’s Feet to the limit. He will be the first doctor to see his finger because he has never wanted to show it to anyone before.

Feet to the limit, the answer to Kiara’s problem is near: she finally discovers the truth

Visiting the patient, the famous Dr. Brad Shaeffer he is forced to admit that in his career made up of really critical cases, he has never seen a big toe like this. Looking at the finger closely, one wonders if the bone is thick or if those enormous dimensions are due to a mass of soft tissue. It could also be a tumor.

Feet to the limit Kiara
Photo source: Discovery +

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Kiara brought one into the surgeon’s office radiography as he had asked her: from the plates you can see that there is a double bone, a second finger on which one was formed second nail. His left big toe is formed by two fingers in one.

L’intervention it will have to be used to remove the bone and the extra nail making the left foot the same as the right one. First an incision right in the center of the finger to remove the nail, then an incision on the small bone removing this too.

In the operating room, Shaeffer notices that the extra bone is more attached to the other than expected, but is finally able to remove this extra piece. Feeling the area, he notices something strange and, taking an X-ray in the middle of the surgery, he finds another piece of bone hidden under the tip of Kiara’s finger.

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Feet to the limit Kiara
Photo source: Discovery +

Once this problem has been eliminated, the surgeon’s task is to try to get the best from an aesthetic point of view: the two big toes must be the same. As you can see from these images, the mission has been successfully completed, Kiara will be very happy!