Feltri: “If Fini is telling the truth about the Montecarlo house, he was naive, but not a stinker”

The then director of the ‘Giornale’: “Statements of former AN leaders confirm the Giornale’s scoop, we were right”

“I’ve heard Gianfranco Fini’s statements, and it’s surprising. Of course they’ll have to be verified, but if it’s as he says, he got screwed over by what was a sort of wife, and I’m sorry for that. Of course, it was also a bit ‘ naive, but if so, his guilt diminishes a lot after the statements he has made”. Thus Vittorio Feltri comments, in an interview with Adnkronos, the statements of the former president of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini, released today during the trial which sees him accused of money laundering in relation to the case of the Montecarlo house.

Feltri was editor of ‘Il Giornale’ at the time the newspaper made the sensational scoop on the affair that cost the former leader of the National Alliance his political career. “Do I believe him? Well, if he says that the company that bought the house had his brother and his partners among his partners, this makes you think, it means that he too was cheated – Feltri says – And when someone was cheated, I I can accuse of naivety, but not of being a stinker”.

The founder of ‘Libero’ then recalls the days in which his Giornale was working on the burning investigation: “We discovered this thing at the time, we had had input from Livio Caputo, who left us in 2021, and me and the journalists who were the operational arm, we rode the news as it deserved”. Scruples of a political nature were not taken into consideration by the authors of the scoop: “If instead of Fini it had been Prodi it would have been the same thing – Feltri articulates to Adnkronos – We have not made distinctions of a political nature: ours has always been a newspaper tending to the right, only that in the face of such a fact we could not remain silent. We are journalists. And now, with his statements, he himself says that we were right”.