Felts: “Berlusconi and Colle? Match Sallusti-Labor will end in a draw”

“Right collection of free signatures and response to the vulgarity of the fact against Berlusconi”

“I would have nothing against it if Berlusconi became President of the Republic. On the contrary, I would be happy, especially for him, whom I consider a friend, who has done me only good in my life. Having said that, it should be remembered that Berlusconi is 85 years old, which I do not think just a suitable age to start an intense and demanding seven-year period like the one at the presidency of the Republic “. He states it Vittorio Feltri, in commenting to the Adnkronos on the collection of pro Berlusconi signatures launched by the newspaper “Libero”, in response to a similar initiative promoted by the “Fatto Quotidiano” against the candidacy of Cav al Colle.

We must be frank – continues Feltri – and do the math to see that the center right does not have the numbers to elect Berlusconi. I don’t want to criticize Sallusti who did very well to respond to Travaglio. Yesterday’s ‘Fact’ page on Berlusconi was really vulgar: ‘No to the guarantor of prostitution’ you don’t even say that to a criminal, but on the whole this whole maneuver seems a bit unrealistic to me“.

Seen mirrored, they seem to me to be two initiatives that equalize each other. Because Labor’s initiative will be very useful to him, given that it is evident that it will be very difficult for Berlusconi to be able to collect enough votes to be elected and Sallusti’s response is just and justified and must be seen as a legitimate controversy between two newspapers “, concludes Feltri.