Female students and racism on the train, the replica of the universities

The university replies to the video posted on TikTok in which three female students would be the protagonists

“L’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has always promoted the values ​​of respect and inclusioncondemning in the most resolute way any racist and discriminatory attitude”. Thus begins the post published on Instagram by the university which replies to the comments on what happened on a train and posted on TiTok. In the video the user (a young American of ) denounces an episode of racism by three girls who, according to the comments on the film, frequent Milanese universities, making fun of their boyfriend’s mother in particular, a woman of Chinese origin.

“The episode to which numerous comments that have appeared on social media refer in these hours cannot in any way be attributed to the University, which reserves the right to carry out the necessary checks on what happened and the related responsibilities. Any eventual measure will be taken in compliance of the legislation in force and the internal regulations of the University”, reads the post.

“The University of Milano-Bicocca rejects any form of discrimination based on gender, geographical origin, age, language, religion and political opinions – writes the Milanese university again on Instagram – It is committed to guaranteeing a peaceful work and study environment , in which interpersonal relationships are marked by mutual respect for freedom, equality and equal dignity”. “We already offer numerous educational opportunities to convey the values ​​of respect and tolerance, but the episode documented and commented on social media in the last few hours prompts us to multiply our efforts so that even more students can be made aware of the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination , aware that only knowledge (and not exclusion) can break down walls and build bridges”, it continues. “In any case, we will carry out all the necessary checks to decide on any appropriate actions, always in compliance with the regulations in force and the internal regulations of the University”, she concludes.

“IULM University has always been a promoter of the values ​​of respect, inclusiveness and integration between different cultures and therefore condemns in the most resolute way any form of racism and discrimination. IULM totally dissociates itself from the episode to which they refer reference the numerous comments that have appeared on social media in these hours, an episode that cannot be attributed to our University in any way. Our student involved in the video that went viral spontaneously and publicly apologized for the deed, taking full responsibility for his actions. To those who have asked for his expulsion from the university, IULM replies that, in the same way in which our University condemns all forms of racism, we cannot even tolerate such a fury which hides within itself the equally serious germ of totalitarianism. IULM always leaves the door of dialogue and communication open, because the ultimate goal of a university is not to punish, but rather to educate its students, accompanying them on a path of personal growth so that they become better men and women every day “, writes the Iulm.