Feminicide, Meloni: “Prevention, protection and certainty, penalty three pillars”

Premier: “Mainly a cultural problem”

Against feminicide “the three pillars are prevention, protection and certainty of punishment”. Thus Giorgia Meloni, during her speech at the conference on the results of the Commission of Inquiry of the Feminicide Commission, underway at Palazzo Giustiniani.

“We are facing a predominantly cultural problem of this society. This is the Commission’s work, it must go on. The approved bicameral Commission is a good signal from Parliament”, added the prime minister.

“The Italian government intends to treasure this work, we are very concentrated on this issue. There are 104 women, whose names will be projected on the facade of Palazzo Chigi, which will turn red”, he underlined, thanking “President La Russa , one who has willingly accepted that women could drive it, there is some resistance from men.”

“It’s been a long time, yet the more society goes on, the more feminicides increase. It’s not a question of women, it’s a question of us men”, said the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, adding: “C ‘it is a part of men who have not digested the progress that society has made” .

“This morning we took a significant step with the bicameral on a central problem of our society that is growing day by day. The more the conviction that there can be no discrimination matures, the more feminicides increase”, then said La Russa who recalled: “For the homicide of honor there was even a reduction in the sentence for those who killed, the spouse, the sister, the daughter”.