Fer Machuca, sister of Daniela Aránguiz, took all eyes in a miniskirt and crop top

In recent times, the model and influencer Daniela Aránguiz has been very present in the media spotlight since, due to her divorce with Jorge Valdivia, which has been quite delayed. It is said that this may have had several parallel sentimental relationships throughout the ideas and turns of the marriage. One of the most recent is with a Big Brother participant, Constanza Capelli.

Daniela She is a well-known influencer since she has almost a million followers on Instagram. She shares photos of her best looks accompanied by great poses which captivate her fans. She has managed to be a great reference in fashion and trends due to her good taste in clothing.

Fernanda Machuca little by little is following in the footsteps of her sister as an influencer. Although they are two completely different profiles fer It is getting a lot of recognition on the networks. And it is that this already has more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram, so it has a community that is very faithful to it and to everything it shares on its reel.

Fernanda Machuca. Source: Instagram @fermachuca

Recently machuca I dazzle in her stories wearing a silver mini and a white crop top, the latest trend referring to the 2000s. A good option for a formal and informal outing. I accompany this story with a song by the singer Cazzu “Lots of Data”. This accompanied by a quote that said “Video that I found out there with Cazzu that is my religion”. Ensuring a strong fanaticism for the Argentine trapper.

But not all are social networks and it is that not long ago fernanda He was received as a Journalist achieving two votes of distinction. It was thus that he managed to graduate from the Finis Terrae University. He currently does collaborations with a few brands on his Instagram account.