Ferlaino: “Naples exceptional but nothing compares with mine”

“Soon to see if this group can win something”

“This Napoli is playing exceptional football, but I wouldn’t compare it with mine.” So at Adnkronos Corrado Ferlaino, president of Napoli in the 1987 and 1990 championships, on Luciano Spalletti’s team who beat Ajax 6-1 in Amsterdam last night in the Champions League.

“Napoli started with some skepticism after the departure of 4 important players such as Koulibaly, Insigne, Mertens and Fabian Ruiz but the club was good at replacing them in the best way by taking on equally good and younger players. The Azzurri are in the lead. in Serie A that in the Champions League group and have different cards to play in both competitions. I would not make comparisons with my Napoli – adds Ferlaino-. Football in more than 30 years has changed a lot and it is still too early to understand if this group will be able to win something but the great thing is that you have a lot of fun watching these guys play who, being young, have great room for improvement “.

“Was Napoli in the first Scudetto in 1987 a runaway team plus Maradona? We ran away from home to win the Scudetto … I respect everyone’s opinion but I don’t agree at all. There were very strong players in that group besides Diego, think of Giordano and Carnevale in attack, Bagni and De Napoli and midfield, Ferrara in defense and others “, Ferlaino then replies to the words of Antonio Cassano. The former striker said that Maradona had won the Scudetto in 1987 to a team of runaways. “Probably the one who won three years later was even better but the level was already very high. Diego made the difference from a phenomenon like he was but the rest of the group was excellent”, adds Ferlaino.