Ferrero arrested, resigns as president of Sampdoria

The club: “Company unrelated to arrest affairs”

Massimo Ferrero resigned as president of Sampdoria. The club, with a note, reiterates its extraneousness to the events that led to the arrest of the entrepreneur. “With great amazement it was learned of today’s execution of a precautionary measure of custody in prison against Massimo Ferrero, requested by the Public Prosecutor of Paola for bankruptcy events relating to events of many years ago and with respect to which they are not of clear and immediate perception the same precautionary needs at the basis for the evident lack of topicality, especially considering that for three of the four Calabrian companies involved there had already been a transaction for the purpose with the related procedures already completed and fulfilled “, affirms the society.

“These events, in any case, it is important to specify that they are completely independent both with respect to the management and ownership of the UC Sampdoria company and with respect to Ferrero’s Roman activities and related to the world of cinema, already the subject of proceedings before the Court of Rome” he adds.

“However, Ferrero, precisely in order to better protect the interests of the other activities in which it operates – continues the press release -, and in particular also to isolate any speculative speculation of an incidence of a lot with respect to UC Sampdoria and the world of football, intends to formalize the immediate resignation from the corporate offices he has held up to now, at the same time placing himself at the immediate and complete disposal of the investigators, who will be contacted by his lawyers, the lawyers Luca Ponti and Giuseppina Tenga, precisely to clarify his position immediately and avoid that , from the totally unexpected and present situation, further prejudices may arise against extraneous realities, such as UC Sampdoria, which would be damaged free of charge “.

“We are confident that everything can be resolved in a very short time, even considering that the Trust adopted in accordance with the Roman procedures also included, as a guarantee, the provision of sums to protect the procedures referred to in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paola”, concludes the note of the club Sampdoria.