Ferrero expands ice cream rubber and lands in kiosks and bars

Ferrero Ice Creams are back for the summer, expanding their range of sticks with five new products rich in flavor – Ferrero Rocher White, Ferrero Rondnoir, Kinder Chocolate Ice Cream and the Triple Experience versions of Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello – thus bringing the line’s references to 13. All the novelties (with the exception of Ferrero Rondnoir and Ferrero Rocher White present exclusively in large-scale distribution) will be available starting this year not only in all large-scale distribution channels, with multipack formats, but also in the Ooh channel, arriving in bars and beach kiosks together with the other proposals that make up the Ferrero range of ice creams (the Ferrero Rocher Classic, Raffaello and Pocket Coffee sticks, the Kinder Bueno Classic and White cones and the Estathé Lemon, Peach and Mint&Lime ice lollies).

The Ooh channel represents a very important challenge: in fact, the away-from-home market is essential for growth in the category, representing around 40% of the packaged ice cream business.

In Italy, ice creams represent the third category in the packaged dessert market by size in value, in the large-scale distribution channel alone they are worth a total of 1.4 billion euros and enjoy continuous growth (+8.5% CAGR in value since 2019). AND a market with a strong growth trend, considering that in 2019 it was worth 1.1 billion euros, but the strongest acceleration has been seen in recent years: the 2022 season was very positive (+16% in value), also thanks to innovation and high temperatures . Ferrero, precisely in 2022, accounted for 15% of the growth thanks to the launches of its new products: the Pocket Coffee mini-stick and the Kinder Bueno cones, in the Classic and White versions.