Festa Roma, Pennac: “Europe has relations with Iran that kills women, shame”

“Before talking about cinema, before talking about the film, I wanted to say one thing: the government of a country close to us has declared war on women. A real war of the men of your government against women. And we, European countries, Italy, France, Germany and so on, we continue to have diplomatic and economic relations with this government that kills women and this is a profound truth that is terribly sad. Shame. ” Thus Daniel Pennac on the situation in Iran, before the presentation conference of the film ‘Daniel Pennac: I saw Maradona’, the documentary that the writer presented at the Capitoline event and which will soon be broadcast on Sky Arte and streamed on Now.

Pennac tells in the film ‘the Maradona effect’: through a creative and surreal investigation between the stage and the streets of Naples, the writer investigates – with his disenchanted point of view – to discover the impact of the myth of Diez on life and on stories of ordinary people and true Maradonians. With the extraordinary participation of Maurizio de Giovanni, Roberto Saviano and Luciano Ferrara, the doc is co-produced by Societat Sardina Toné Franché and Samarcanda Film with Effe Tv – Feltrinelli Real Cinema and the contribution of the Campania Region Film Commission.