Few have ever seen Damiano Carrara’s brother: striking resemblance, to be left speechless

Damiano Carrara is very popular, but have you ever seen his brother? You will be truly speechless: their similarity is striking.

It was the moment that everyone had been waiting for some time and it has finally arrived: starting tonight the brand new edition of Bake Off will be broadcast. A tenth season, as told in several of our articles, completely different from the others and which includes really crazy news!

Damiano brother. Credits: Instagram

If Clelia D’Onofrio has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ to her old role and to try her hand at a completely new one, there are those who could not help but say ‘yes’ to the program for one more time. We are not talking about Benedetta Parodi, who is now the godmother of the talent, and Ernst Knam – on whom we have revealed a background on her private life – but precisely of Damiano Carrara. Five years after its first appearance in the Real Time dessert program, the beloved pastry shop from Lucca continues to be part of the ‘three musketeers’ of Bake Off with great joy from its audience. Are you ready for the first episode tonight? We absolutely do: we can’t wait! For the occasion, however, we went to look for some more information about the good Damiano and we discovered that he is not an only child at all, but he has a brother which is practically his photocopy. Have you ever seen it?

Have you ever seen Damiano Carrara’s brother? The similarity will leave you speechless

A particularly intense summer, the one that Damiano Carrara lived this year. In addition to having organized his wedding with Chiara Maggenti, the Lucca pastry shop was also busy with the filming of the brand new edition of Bake Off Italia, which will start on Real Time just tonight. In a few hours, therefore, we will get to know all the competitors who will compete in the tests requested by the three judges. Waiting to know more, however, are you ready to discover a ‘detail’ of the life of the good Carrara that perhaps very few people know? A little while ago, we mentioned that Damiano has a brother, but have you ever seen it?

Perhaps not everyone knows, but Damiano Carrara is by no means the only pastry shop in his family. Even Massimiliano, this is the name of his brother, works in this area. And it is with him that even before becoming a popular face on Italian TV, Damiano opened a pastry shop in California, called Carrara Pastries. Have we intrigued you so much that now you can’t wait to see them together? Look at them here, they are two drops of water:

damiano carrara brother
Damiano and his brother. Credits: Instagram

There are those who call them the ‘Gods of Olympus’, but we couldn’t help but notice how much similar they are to each other. Did you notice it too?