Fi remains out of the Senate Budget Committee: “Now clarification”, the suspicions on the Lega-M5S agreement

Italian senators remain on a war footing: “On penalized speakers and treated as an opposition force …”

The day after the ‘exclusion’ from the game of the appointment of the rapporteurs to the budget law in the Senate, Forza Italia remains on guard and reiterates that it will continue not to participate in the work of the Commission, until it is ‘compensated’ on the contents of the amendments which he will present at the maneuver. “Forza Italia maintains its position not to participate in the work of the Budget after President Pesco’s decision to appoint himself as rapporteur of the maneuver together with the two vice-presidents of Lega and Leu”, the members of the Commission, Dario Damiani, Massimo Ferro remark in a note. , Fiammetta Modena and Antonio Saccone. A “clearly political choice”, the Italian parliamentarians denounce, “after the impasse of recent days on the speakers between the Five Stars on the one hand and the Pd and Leu on the other, which in fact penalizes only Forza Italia by direct intervention on the measure not being adequately represented at any level “.

Among the Azzurri there are those who fear ‘friendly fire’. So much so that someone suspects, parliamentary sources say, that there has been an agreement between M5S and Lega on the speakers that has effectively cut Forza Italia out. On this occasion, Silvio Berlusconi’s party ” from a majority force ” feels treated as an ” opposition force ”, in ” perfect continuity with the last two governments “. Hence the need for” clarification “, which” is not only desirable “but” must “.