Fiammetta Borsellino: “Some have built careers on the negotiation process”

(by Elvira Terranova) “I haven’t read the sentence, so I prefer not to go into the merits of the negotiation process, but I want to say one thing: there are those who have built their careers on this process, undeservedly”. He does not hide her bitterness, Fiammetta Borsellino. The youngest daughter of judge Paolo Borsellino is in Bologna where she met over a thousand students to talk about her father, the misdirection, and the many mysteries that still surround the investigation into the Via D’Amelio massacre. “Do you know what the greatest damage is? – says Fiammetta Borsellino in an interview with Adnkronos – This trial, like others before it, were celebrated outside the courtrooms, even before they exhausted themselves in the three levels of judgement. Regardless of the innocence of the defendants”.

Fiammetta Borsellino gets angry, without ever mentioning them, with the prosecution magistrates who have been guests in numerous television broadcasts. “I found it an incorrect behavior that hurts society as a whole – he says -, it is absurd that everyone knows about a trial of this type only because it has been advertised in the media, while nobody knows about trials like the ‘Borsellino quater'”. “I dwell on the fact that even before the judicial process was over – adds Fiammetta Borsellino – they were advertised by those in charge of them, I repeat: even before the end of the process. It is an attitude that I have always criticized”. “Then, it is obvious that justice must take its course, but it is deontologically incorrect to carry out such an operation. I repeat that there are those who have built careers on this, on nothing. On trials which then proved to be failures. I make it a matter of ethics.”

‘There have also been journalists complicit in these operations’

“It is a bad message to give to society – adds Fiammetta Borsellino – that in the end careers are built on processes that are publicized before the end of the process”. And he adds: “There have also been journalists who have been accomplices in such operations … there is a whole system behind power”. “These people have achieved this fame, which is based on nothing but self-referentiality. And the message that is given to young people is not positive. The message is passed on that it is enough to write books or go on TV to become famous”.

And he concludes: “I do not comment on the sentence but on the behavior carried out in recent years, I repeat. A highly incorrect operation”.