Fidene massacre, Ministries of Defense and Interior and Shooting Range ask for exclusion of civilian perpetrators

Legal civil party lawyer. Gabrielli: “objective responsibility from ministries and shooting range”

The Ministries of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the National Shooting Range have asked to be excluded as civil perpetrators in the proceedings in which Claudio Campiti is accused, the man who opened fire last December 11th during a meeting of the Valleverde consortium in a gazebo in via Monte Gilberto, in Fidene, killing four women: Nicoletta Golisano, Elisabetta Silenzi, Sabina Sperandio and Fabiana De Angelis. The calling into question of the ministry and the shooting gallery was requested in the last hearing by the civil parties, family members and friends of the victims, underlining how the removal of the weapon from the Tor di Quinto range was not the first case to have occurred and that therefore employees and leaders of the range, of the Italian Shooting Union and the Ministries of Defense and the Interior should have taken action.

During the hearing before the preliminary hearing judge, the lawyer of the Italian Shooting Union, in requesting the ouster as civilly liable who would be required to pay any compensation for damages, argued in his speech that the right to defense had not been violated. having been able to participate in unrepeatable investigations, such as the carrying out of autopsies, and thus not being able to exclude the presence of previous pathologies. A passage that sparked the indignation of the civil parties present and the reaction of the public prosecutor Giovanni Musarò who, replying, asked how in a trial where there is so much pain one can make such a statement without blushing. An intervention underlined by applause from the room.

The lawyers of the civil party also contested the State Attorney’s call for a formalistic application of the code, arguing that the judge must also guarantee substantial protection to the victims of crimes and justice, applying the code with a view to guaranteeing not only for the rights of defense of the accused. The decision on the point is expected for the next hearing, scheduled for November 27th, when the preliminary hearing judge will lift the reservation.

In the investigation, after investigations by the Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit, Campiti is accused of murder aggravated by premeditation and futile motives, of attempted murder of five other people sitting at the table of the board of directors of the consortium and of resulting personal injuries from the psychological trauma suffered by the survivors.

In addition to Campiti, the prosecutor’s office also requested the trial of the president of the National Shooting Section of Rome and an employee in charge of the armory room of the Tor di Quinto shooting range in Rome where on 11 December Campiti took the weapon then used to carry out the massacre. Both, accused of omissions on the control and supervision of weapons, however chose to forego the preliminary hearing and go directly to trial with the first trial date set for 2024.

“The Cartabia reform requires the preliminary hearing judge to take off his criminal robe and address the issue of corporate liability as a civil judge would do: those responsible defend themselves by claiming to have no relationship with the accused but their objective liability must be linked to the fact that Campiti was a platinum membership member of the range, therefore in all respects a regular customer of theirs”. As to Adnkronos the lawyer Massimiliano Gabrielli, one of the lawyers for the civil party in the trial for the Fidene massacre in which Claudio Campiti is accused. “The issue that Campiti was a client and that someone gained from saving on safety at the range remains an undeniable fact,” underlines the lawyer.