Fiery December for the House and Senate with the 2023 maneuver and decree laws

Race against time to approve the budget law and anti-rave text by the end of the year

A fiery December for the government majority, with a series of measures to be approved in a short time, more than what usually happens at the end of the year, thanks in this case to an unprecedented start to the legislature which took place in the autumn. Of course, everything revolves around the budget law, to be approved by December 31st to avoid the provisional exercise, but which will only be in the Chamber in the Chamber starting from the 20th. Once approved, it is assumed by Christmas, it will pass to the Senate, which will have narrow margins to close it before 29 December, to therefore allow for a possible third reading in Montecitorio in the event of changes.

But in these first 40 days of activity, the Government has passed a series of decree laws, more or less relevant, which will have to be converted between the end of this year and the beginning of next. To which others could be added, to be closed in a short time above all for political reasons. This is the case of the provision for sending arms to Ukraine, which the Council of Ministers should approve within the day, together with the provision for dealing with the flooding of Ischia.

In the meantime, from tomorrow the conversion into law of the text which provides for the reorganization of the responsibilities of some ministries, expiring on 10 January 2023 and scheduled in the Senate in the week before Christmas, will be on the agenda of the Chamber of the Chamber. In the same days, the examination of the Dl Aiuti quater is scheduled, expiring on 17 January and therefore in Montecitorio probably only in the first days of 2023.

Also at Palazzo Madama, where next week will be dedicated to committee work, the Assembly will examine the so-called anti-rave decree from 12 December, to be approved by 30 December. Another race against time, given that the Deputies Chamber will therefore have to conclude its examination after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve. The road for the decree law on NATO personnel and on the health service in Calabria is more downhill, to be approved by January 7, already fired by the Senate and in the House since Monday 12 December.

The joint session of Parliament for the election of the lay members of the CSM has been postponed, however there will be other important appointments, such as the establishment of Copasir and the Rai Supervisory Commission, with the election of the respective presidents, and communications, the 13 December, by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in view of the European Council of 15 and 16.

Without forgetting the mid-week Question times and the possibility of including in the calendars even during the budget session ratification bills and documents approved by the Authorization Board and any provision that does not involve new expenses or lower revenues.