Fifa, 440 clubs will share 209 million of the World Cup in Qatar, Juve over 3 million

Infantino: “The Club Benefits Program is a clear example of how the World Cup has a positive impact on club football around the world”

Following the most successful FIFA World Cup ever, 440 clubs from 51 member associations across all six confederations will benefit from the FIFA Club Benefits Program (CBP) by receiving a share of the revenue for releasing players to participate in the final tournament in Qatar . This serves to confirm the positive impact of FIFA’s flagship tournament on club football and the vital role clubs play in player development and the release of players to represent their national teams. The FIFA CBP is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between FIFA and the ECA, which was extended until 2030 at the ECA General Assembly in Budapest in March 2023. The Club Benefits Program ( CBP) was designed to share the revenues of the FIFA World Cup and recognize the important contribution of clubs from around the world to the success of the competition.

Among the 440 clubs that will receive a share of the funds following the World Cup in Qatar are a number of lower tier clubs, including 78 second tier clubs, 13 third tier clubs, five fourth tier clubs and one fifth tier club. level. Fifa will distribute a total of $209 million following the release of 837 players for a rounded total per player per day amount of $10,950, regardless of how many minutes they played during the tournament. The total per player is divided and distributed to the team(s) with which the player was registered in the two years preceding the final competition. As per standard procedure, FIFA will distribute the monies through the affiliated associations to which the relevant clubs are affiliated.

As far as Italy is concerned, 27 clubs will receive contributions for a total of 18.680 million dollars. Juventus is the Italian club that will collect the most, a good 3.048 million, followed by Inter with 2.295 million and Milan with 1.590. Followed by Fiorentina with 1.481 at the foot of the podium, immediately after Atalanta with 1.3, Turin with 1.168, Naples with just over a million and Roma with just under a million. Sampdoria and Verona are also in the top ten. Not only Serie A clubs benefit from Fifa’s contributions, but there are also companies such as Venice, Mantua, Ascoli, Bari and Parma. In total, UEFA will collect almost 159 million dollars with the English FA receiving over 37 million, followed by the Spanish RFEF with 24 million and the German DFB with over 21 million and the FIGC with 18 million. While Manchester City will be the team that will take the most in the world with over 4.5 million, followed by Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and PSG.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino underlined the importance of the benefit program for FIFA clubs. “It is a clear example of how the FIFA World Cup has a positive impact on club football around the world. Qatar 2022 was not only a career highlight for many players, but also the most successful World Cup for always and which will contribute to the development of football in all corners of the planet. Club football plays a key role within the football ecosystem and the FIFA Club Benefits program offers us an excellent opportunity to support clubs.”

The ECA has also recognized the global impact of the FIFA CBP. “We are very pleased that 440 clubs worldwide, not just ECA members and European clubs, are eligible for significant distributions from the Club Benefits programme, as part of the agreement between ECA and FIFA to release 837 players participating in the FIFA World in Qatar 2022,” said ECA President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. “The Club Benefits Program is one of the key pillars of the recently renewed Memorandum of Understanding between the ECA and FIFA. The ECA works tirelessly for the good of all club and this is reflected in the increase of the amount to be distributed for the 2026 and 2030 FIFA World Cup to $355 million,” added Al-Khelaïfi.

Under the new Memorandum of Understanding signed earlier this year by FIFA and the ECA, $355 million will be distributed to clubs under the program for the 2026 and 2030 editions of the FIFA World Cup.