Filippo Bisciglia scares the followers by showing his wounds: what happened to him

With a post on Instagram, Filippo Bisciglia leaves everyone speechless: the conductor shows the injuries to his hands and explains what happened.

Now a well-known face on TV for about sixteen years, Filippo Bisciglia and a much loved Mediaset character. The public got to know him for the first time on the occasion of his participation as a competitor to the Big Brother 6first edition ever conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi and won by Augusto De Megni.

Filippo Bisciglia shock image (Credits: Instagram)

The nice Roman, however, still managed to be appreciated by viewers, who in the end rewarded his path with a second place in the final. Not everyone knows that before living the experience in the most spied house in Italy, Filippo had made his debut at the age of nineteen in the advertising of the Mini Rover Coupè.

In addition to having studied at the hotel institute, from a very young age he has cultivated a passion for tennis, a sport to which he has also dedicated himself at a competitive level, and on his very active Instagram profile there are some shots that testify to this. After living in the Cinecittà loft for 99 days during which he had an affair with his roommate Simona Salvemini, Bisciglia began to collect various experiences in TV programs and as a model for important clothing brands.

It is also impossible to forget his participations on the sets of some well-known fiction including A Place in the Sun and his conduct of several editions of Temptation Island. Although this year the docu-reality produced by Fascino did not go on the air due to a sudden decision of the Mediaset top management to the great chagrin of him and the fans, there is nothing that can affect his brightness. Those who have been following the former gieffino for years are well aware of his positive and cheerful character, and in recent months they have been able to see that his sympathy and good humor remain the same as ever. What perhaps they did not expect was the shot published days ago in which Bisciglia shows everyone clearly visible wounds in his hands. It was then himself who explained the cause.

Filippo Bisciglia gets hurt and shows his injuries on social media, then reveals the truth

In the curriculum of Flora Canto’s ex-boyfriend with whom he was before entering Big Brother, there are not even a parenthesis to Such and Which Show. and ad Friends Celebrities. In 2017, in fact, he was among the competitors of Carlo Conti’s program. At the spin-off of Maria De Filippi’s talent for well-known personalities, he ranked third and the winner was her partner, Pamela Camassa. The beautiful Tuscan showgirl and the former gieffino live together in a wonderful house in the center of Rome.

A few days ago the handsome 45-year-old from Rome shared a story on Instagram in which his hands with different bruises appeared in the foreground. He then joked with the followers asking them to guess: “Fight with the cats?” or “Padel?”. Well, it was he himself who revealed the answer later: in a post he said that it was neither gardening nor boxing nor cats that caused those injuries. The ‘fault’ was simply of Padel!

Lately, this tennis-derived sport in which it is played in pairs is winning over more and more people, including the former Roma captain Francesco Totti (who met Noemi Bocchi in this way). Many are the faces of entertainment and sport who are dedicating themselves with passion to this activity and, with his past in tennis, certainly Filippo could not be outdone!

Filippo Bisciglia wounded
Filippo Bisciglia what happened (Credits: Instagram)

Do you also practice padel? Has it ever happened to you to get hurt like it did to him?