Filippo Bisciglia, the sad announcement: he spoke about it publicly

On his Instagram channel, Filippo Bisciglia indulged in a sad announcement: only now has he been able to talk about it publicly.

A decidedly hot summer, but above all a summer without the journey into the feelings of Temptation Island. Eight years after its very first broadcast, the docu-reality of the Canale 5 couples has been definitively canceled from the schedules. A very bad news, therefore, for its large audience, which by now had a real fixed appointment with the summer program.

The sad announcement of Filippo Bisciglia on social media: what he said. Credits: Youtube

Months after the hypothetical closure of Temptation Island and several weeks after its confirmation, it was precisely Filippo Bisciglia, its backbone. A few hours ago, through a video shared on his official social channel, the host of the famous Canale 5 program commented on the disappearance of Temptation Island from the summer schedules. And he let himself go to a sad announcement. Here’s what he revealed on his social channel.

Filippo Bisciglia, the sad announcement: what he revealed on social media

During a very recent interview with Nuovo Tv, Filippo Bisciglia he had referred to Temptation Island, but had not mentioned a hypothetical closure. Now that the cancellation of the program is official and the program that will replace it is awaited, the backbone of the Canale 5 docu-reality has wanted to comment on the decision on its official social channel. Live from the living room, the former Big Brother competitor wanted to respond to all those messages received in recent days on the program, letting himself go to a sad announcement.

“Receiving your messages gives me a lot of pleasure. This means that in recent years you have grown fond of us and the program, but above all you have enjoyed commenting on the episodes “, began to say. Having said these words, the conductor could not help but express his bitterness about it. “It hurts me too much not to do Temptation island this year. This should have been my ninth consecutive year. I will miss all the people “, he concluded.

sad biscuit announcement
Credits: Instagram

Filippo Bisciglia’s latest video, therefore, was a real greeting to Temptation Island and its audience. Would you like to see it on TV?