Filippo Facci posts photos by the sea and replies to fans: “If I would have written the piece anyway? Yes”

“The question is, if you had known how it was going to go, would you have written the same article?” “Yes”. A syllable with which Philip Faci he ‘breaks the silence’ on social media on the day of the bombshell news concerning him, i.e. Rai’s decision to suspend the daily strip which should have started in September with the title ‘I Facci Vostri’. The journalist has chosen not to respond to colleagues who chase him all day to get a comment from him, but indirectly leaks his ‘position’ posting an eloquent photo of the sea on Twitter intent on sunbathing, in defiance of the media storm that hit him after the article in ‘Libero’ on case of Leonardo Apache La Russa.

Let us take care under the post of respond to some followers who challenge him provocatively. “The calm before the storm? Now you have to live within your real means like everyone else,” wrote a user. “With my means you live thirty lives,” replies Facci.