Filippo Facci: “Rules on femicide only smoke in the eyes for false emergency”

“They are useless and are unconstitutional, the only punishable expression in the Criminal Code is murder”

All smoke and mirrors: specific rules on femicide are useless, because they are already present in the only punishable and present expression of the Criminal Code, which is murder. For the rest, with the excess of specificity and over-legislation, we are moving towards anti-constitutional norms “. Filippo Facci to AdnKronos, regarding the lines of action being studied by the Government and announced by the minister Mariastella Gelmini in an interview with ‘Repubblica’.

For Facci, “the problem is clearly cultural and this is demonstrated by the false emergency which is enunciated in Italy, which is by far the country where there are fewer femicides than the rest of Europe and the West. And the countries where there are more feminicides are precisely those where women are more emancipated: this is the paradox “. Probably, precisely because that emancipation is hard for some men to accept …” The problem it is not that a woman is killed as a woman, because she is killed for reasons beyond her being a woman “, she replies.

“In this way, with new laws and specific crimes, we do nothing but give a voice to bogus statistics, which omit the fact that femicides are decreasing and that in Italy they are few compared to our highly evolved Western world. I would like to see the data on false harassment and false threats reported, which do nothing but give many women more tools in disputes against men “, Facci argues.” Without wishing to generalize, it is the same discourse that concerns the crime of homotransphobia. All awareness campaigns are welcome, but the claim of infinite prevention is pure utopia “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)