Film da Leoni, on Sky the best of the films of the Venice Film Festival

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The appointment in the lagoon with the Venice Film Festival is imminent and the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival will officially start on August 31st. Sky Cinema, as usual, will lead us to discover the many films that have been awarded in past editions.

Among the titles in the program are to be reported: the moving story with an extraordinary Javier Bardem of the film SEA INSIDE (Grand Jury Prize and Volpi Cup 2004); the poignant film by Darren Aronofsky THE WRESTLER (Golden Lion 2008) with Mickey Rourke; the valuable work of the late Kim-Ki-Duk COMPASSION (Golden Lion 2012); the biopic by Julian Schnabel which tells the artistic torments of the Dutch painter, played by an excellent Willem Dafoe, VAN GOGH – ON THE THRESHOLD OF ETERNITY (Volpi Cup 2018); the dystopian drama of Alfonso Cuarón THE CHILDREN OF MEN with Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine (Osella Prize for Photography 2006); the film that sees the immense talents of Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman THE MASTER by Paul Thomas Anderson (Silver Lion for Director and 2012 Volpi Cup to both); Phoenix returns to the genesis of Batman’s enemy JOKER by Todd Phillips (Golden Lion 2019);

And again the intense film by Pedro Almodóvar MADRES PARALELAS with Penélope Cruz (Volpi Cup 2021); the musical by Damien Chazelle LA LA LAND with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (2016 Volpi Cup at Stone); and Stephen Frears’ biopic THE QUEEN – THE QUEEN in which Helen Mirren plays the role of Elizabeth II (Coppa Volpi and Osella for the 2006 screenplay). The other titles are: SOMEWHERE by Sofia Coppola (Golden Lion 2010), THOSE GOOD GUYS by Martin Scorsese (Silver Lion for Direction 1990), THE CLAN by Pablo Trapero (Silver Lion for Direction 2015), GIOVANNA’S DAD by Pupi Avati (Coppa Volpi 2008 to Silvio Orlando), PHILOMENA by Stephen Frears (Best Screenplay 2013) e THE BIG DREAM by Michele Placido (2009 Marcello Mastroianni Award to Jasmine Trinca).