Film Impresa Award, special awards to Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milani

At the end of the first edition, all the prizes have been awarded

The first edition of the Company Film Award, which took place on 12 and 13 April in the Casa del Cinema in Rome. The president of Unindustria Angelo Camilli presented the actress Paola Cortellesi and the director Riccardo Milani with a special award.

Satisfaction from the artistic director Mario Sesti, who states: “The aim of the Film Impresa Award is to raise the curtain and make known both the work of great authors who have put their talent at the service of authoritative brands, and the world semi-submerged in productions, often spontaneous and occasional, that companies put in place to communicate projects, research and identity but also to get to know and tell about themselves to their own territory, to the market and to the community of those who share their work”.

A prize was awarded to the works in competition in each of the four categories, assigned by an honorary jury chaired by Paolo Genovese. The director was joined by the president of Unindustria Angelo Camilli, by the president of the Cultural Technical Group of Confindustria Antonio Alunni, by the director and editor Esmeralda Calabria, by the director Wilma Labate, by the director Luca Lucini, by the economist, cultural manager and environmentalist Giovanna Melandri and by the actress Luisa Ranieri.

The Best Corporate Film Award Narrative Area – Human was assigned to Bauli, from ‘100 years Creators of Goodness’ by Riccardo Struchil. The Documentary Area – UniCredit Best Corporate Film Award went to ‘The village factory’ by Paolo Casalis, Alessandro Gaido and Stefano Scarafia. Special mention for ‘A bridge of our time’ by Raffaello Fusaro.

The Best Innovative Image & Sound – Almaviva Film Award went to All the Invisible by Jacopo Carapelli. The Special Prize for Creativity – Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane was then assigned by the artistic director Mario Sesti, with the staff of the Film Impresa Award, to ‘Let’s transform every day’ by Matteo Alberti and Fabrizio De Matteis. Special mention for Anita and Americo: story of a bicycle created by the cultural association Toro/Coppini Arte Olearia.

The special Olmi Prize, promoted by Edison and the Eos Foundation – Edison Orizzonte Sociale, goes to director and documentary filmmaker Yuri Ancarani for the expressive research of new aesthetic forms and ways of storytelling in corporate films.

The Film Impresa Award is an initiative conceived and implemented by Unindustria – at the instigation of President Angelo Camilli, through the Culture, Tourism and Major Events Technical Group, with the support of Confindustria – to enhance, enhance and tell the values ​​and reality of companies and their workers. Sponsored by the Lazio Region, Roma Capitale, the Rome Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Confindustria, Anica, Ice, Una, the National Cinema Enterprise Archive and the Cinema Foundation for Rome.

The Film Impresa Award was sponsored by Almaviva, Edison, Fondazione EOS – Edison Orizzonte Sociale, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Umana, UniCredit. Technical sponsors of the Film Impresa Award are Spencer & Lewis, D-Hub Studios, Adnkronos, Ega, Anybit, Tecnoconference Europe. Media partner is Adnkronos.