Film tonight on TV not to be missed on Tuesday 2 August 2022

Here is an overview of the films that will air tonight on TV on Sky channels. All Première and first pass Libraries are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

Drama to see on TV tonight

Beyond the rules – The Messenger, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due

Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson in a touching Berlin award-winning story. An American officer, charged with informing the families of those killed in Iraq, falls in love with a widow.

Comedy movie to see on tv tonight

The champion, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno

Teresa Palmer plays Michelle Payne, the first and only female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, in a biopic with Sam Neill. A story of failure, tenacity and incredible successes.

The island of couples, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Romance

Rocky comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman and Jason Bateman. On a Pacific atoll, four couples in crisis follow funny new-age therapies to regain their union.

Waiting for the king, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Drama

Tom Hanks in a Tom Tykwer film. An American businessman reacts to the economic crisis by trying to sell a futuristic teleconferencing system to the Saudi government.

One of the family, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Comedy

Ironic comedy about Italy today with Pietro Sermonti, Nino Frassica and Lucia Ocone. A diction teacher saves the life of a student who belongs to a criminal family.

Action movie to see on tv tonight

Timeline, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Action

A group of archaeologists are digging among some ruins of the Dordogne to unearth a 14th-century castle, when the university professor at the head of the project is thrown on a journey back in time.

Adventure movie to see on TV tonight

The shark 3, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Collection

Third appearance of the monster of the seas, in a water park in Florida, with Dennis Quaid and Lea Thompson. A female shark whose cub is killed unleashes its killing spree.

A wolf as a friend, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Family

Adventurous friendship between a twelve-year-old girl and a pack of wolves. While on a hike, Kim falls into a wolf cub’s lair that poachers are chasing.

Thriller movies to see on TV tonight

Chinatown, 9:00 pm on Sky Cinema Suspense

Oscar for the script for Roman Polanski’s thriller masterpiece with Jack Nicholson and the disturbing Faye Dunaway.

Free-to-air programs

Love in Fiji, at 21:25 on Rai 1

Laura, a career lawyer, returns to her family’s places to persuade Chip, a teenage friend, to take over the company she works for.

I would like you only one hour, at 21:20 on Rai 2

Enrico Brignano entertains the public with a variety show: monologues, music and fun, to laugh and offer ideas on customs and current events.

Filorosso, at 21:20 on Rai 3

Filorosso is proposed as a space for in-depth study and understanding of the salient facts that will unfold throughout the summer.

Harry Wild The lady of the crime, at 21:25 on Rete 4

A woman decides to use a detective agency found on the Internet because her mother was killed on her birthday.

But what does the brain tell us, at 21:20 on Canale 5

Giovanna is a modest and boring woman, who divides herself between her work at the Ministry and her daughter Martina’s school commitments.

Radio Norba Cornetto Battiti Live, 9.20 pm on Italia 1

The most famous artists of Italian and international music perform in the Italian summer music festival.

On air at 20:35 on La7

The daily in-depth program conducted by David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio.

Glacial Attack, 9:30 pm on TV8

Winter is Coming – A solar eclipse causes an icy storm on Earth.

The world of replicants, 21:25 hours on Nove

In the not too distant future, humans will be able to use robotic surrogates to interact with reality.