Film tonight on TV not to be missed on Tuesday 21 December

Here is an overview of the films that will air tonight on TV on Sky channels. All Première and first pass Libraries are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

Drama to see on TV tonight

Wonder, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno

Films with Julia Roberts. A child with a facial deformity tries to find his place in the world.

The wind of forgiveness, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Drama

Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez in a rural setting drama.

At home all well – The series, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno +24

Gabriele Muccino directs the TV series inspired by a famous film.

Il Corriere – The mule, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due +24

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in the film about the true story of an 80-year-old who becomes a drug courier.

Comedy movie to see on tv tonight

The band of Santa Claus, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Christmas

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in a Christmas comedy. Three men dressed as Santa Claus are taken to the police station as they try to climb a building.

A matter of time, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Romance

Rachel McAdams and Domnhall Gleeson in a romantic comedy in which one person discovers he can travel through time.

Bad Moms – Very Bad Moms, 9:00 pm on Sky Cinema Comedy

Mila Kunis in a comedy. Stressed by commitments, three mothers free themselves from responsibilities to give themselves crazy joy.

Good morning dad, 9.15 pm on Premium Cinema 3

Edoardo Leo, Raul Bova and Marco Giallini in a comedy. A womanizer discovers he has a teenage daughter.

Action movie to see on tv tonight

The Tourist, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Suspense

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in an action-thriller. A man gets caught up in a web of deception by a woman.

Dunkirk, 9.15 pm on Premium Cinema 1

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece that tells different stories at the heart of Operation Dynamo.

Fantasy movie to see on tv tonight

GGG – The great gentle giant, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Family

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel, starring Mark Rylance. A little girl befriends a giant.

The seventh child, 9.15 pm on Premium Cinema 1 +24

Ben Barnes, Juliane Moore and Jeff Bridges in a fantasy film. A witch hunter must fight the most powerful of them.

Thriller movies to see on TV tonight

Out of control, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Action

Mel Gibson plays a detective whose daughter is killed in front of his eyes. The man therefore begins a furious investigation to find those responsible.

Gosford Park, 9.15pm on Premium Cinema 2

Academy Award-winning crime drama, directed by Robert Altman.

Biographical film to see on TV tonight

The bad poet, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due

Sergio Castellitto plays Gabriele D’Annunzio in the biopic on the poet.

Free-to-air programs

Blanca, at 21:25 on Rai 1

Crime series based on a novel. A blind girl uses her décodage skills to help the police.

The circle of rings under the tree, at 21:20 on Rai 2

In-depth program on the upcoming Winter Olympics conducted by Alessandra De Stefano.

#cartabianca, 9.20 pm on Rai 3

Topical container with Bianca Berlinguer in charge. We talk about politics and social issues.

The Bourne Identity, 9.20 pm on Rete 4

First film in the Jason Bourne saga, starring Matt Damon. A former secret agent with no memory must piece together his past.

The first Christmas, 9.20 pm on Canale 5

Ficarra and Picone in a Christmas-themed comedy. A priest chases a thief and by magic they find themselves catapulted to the time of Jesus.

Le Iene Show, 9:18 pm on Italia 1

Another prime-time appointment with the satire, news and current affairs services of the editorial staff of Le Iene.

Atlantis – Stories of men and worlds, 9.15 pm on La7

Andrea Purgatori conducts an in-depth program on historical, current and social issues.

The Christmas drawing, 9.30 pm on TV8

Ember discovers that she has inherited a Christmas tree farm from her grandmother.

Ender’s Game, 21:25 hours on Nove

Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield in a sci-fi movie in which kids are trained for wars using simulators.