“Filtered and rejuvenated”: Alba Parietti shows herself on social media

Alba Parietti appeared on social media in an unprecedented version: the message launched by the showgirl is anything but trivial.

Always ironic and witty, Alba Parietti she has proven over the years that she is much more than a beautiful woman. Thanks to the role of commentator she often plays on TV, she can appreciate her honesty to show herself exactly as she is. But the gorgeous 61-year-old from Turin loves ‘playing cards’ even when it comes to aesthetics.

Alba Parietti rejuvenated photo (Credits: Instagram)

Being so beautiful even today, Alba certainly doesn’t need to use filters on social media and yet there are many famous women who abuse it even if they do not need it. Those who have followed her for some time know that she has always been against photos that are too retouched to obsessively try to look more attractive or younger than she really is.

And in fact he has often stressed that he belongs to the ‘no filter’ school of thought: the perfection so ostentatious on the web is almost always a ‘rip-off’ for oneself and for others, especially if it is a public figure for whom the image what makes you recognizable and unique to people. This topic is the focus of one of his most recent Instagram posts. You would never imagine what she looked like to deliver an important message.

Alba Parietti, incredible: have you seen what she did on social media?

The mother of Francesco Oppini she has never had mince words and on her Instagram profile she is used to sharing a lot of her daily life. Painful memories, moments with friends, memories of youth, bad episodes and much more. In this period, then, she appears particularly radiant next to the partner with whom she has been in a couple for a few months.

In the post we are talking about, however, Alba wanted to offer food for thought on the now widespread habit of mystifying reality by filling her photos with filters and retouching. She did it in an ironic way, posting in turn a shot in which her image of her appears somewhat modified. “Take this Parietti filtered, rejuvenated and with long hair,” she wrote in the caption.

She explained that the use of filters can also be a fun game that she was the first to indulge in discovering: “I really enjoyed seeing what can be done, basically everything … You can basically stick to your daughter’s face. , of your uncle of your grandmother. By Sharon Stone, by Oliver Stone ”. But then she specifies: “But really in some cases there is a risk of being reported for fraud. The problem is not what others see, but how you present yourself to someone who follows you and does not recognize you ”.

Alba Parietti social
Alba Parietti, incredible transformation (Credits: Instagram)

What do you think of this ‘biting’ and truthful post?