Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, the first six episodes of the saga on PS4 and Switch

The origins of the RPG series with new options designed for modern consoles

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, which until now was only available on Steam and mobile devices, has also been released digitally on PS4 and Switch consoles. The Pixel Remaster series, which includes games from Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VI, offers the original games with various improvements, while remaining faithful to the retro design of these titles. In the Pixel Remaster series there are some features unique to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, including the option to switch between rearranged soundtracks and those based on the original games and also the possibility to choose game fonts (it will be possible to play with the default font or with a pixel-inspired font). In addition, those who play on PS4 and Switch will have new options available, such as the ability to disable random encounters or adjust the multipliers of experience gained between 0 and 4.

Digital versions of all six games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series can be purchased individually or as part of the Final Fantasy I-VI Bundle available from PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop. Anyone who purchases one or more games by May 25, 2023 will receive two thematic wallpapers on Nintendo Switch or a theme and avatar on PS4 corresponding to the game or games purchased. Those who purchase the complete series in the Bundle package by May 25, 2023 will receive the 12 themed wallpapers on Nintendo Switch or all the themes and avatars included in the individual games on PS4, i.e. a total of 6 themes and 6 avatars.