Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is more than a remaster, according to the developers

A video compares the PSP game with the new one

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion, a revised and corrected version of the original for PSP which will arrive on December 13 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. The video compares the original game with this new release, which is effectively unrecognizable. Fifteen years after the release of the original PlayStation Portable game, the graphics are completely remastered in HD, the soundtrack rearranged, dialogue fully voiced in English and Japanese and an updated battle system. The story is set seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII and follows the adventures of Zack Fair, a young Soldier. As his adventure continues, he will discover the dark secrets of Shinra’s experiments and the monsters of their creation. Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase said, “This is more than just a remaster, it’s a game that crosses generations and platforms. We’re very proud of all the improvements our development team has been able to include in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.” ”