Final Fantasy XVI demo available on PS5

The whole prologue is playable and a special section to practice the fights, waiting for the release

Square Enix has released a free demo of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5. The demo was showcased during the game’s pre-launch celebrations held yesterday in Los Angeles, which was attended by fans and guests who celebrated the title with various activities, announcements and panels. During the event, Producer Naoki Yoshida announced that the demo offers the possibility to start the adventure early thanks to the initial prologue included, and that progress can then be carried over to the full game when it is released. By completing the prologue, you will also be able to access a special combat section with various unlocked abilities, with which you can jump right into the middle of battles and try out a wide variety of attacks and combos. A new trailer for the game, titled ‘Ascent’, has also been released, offering a further preview of what will be included in this action RPG. Furthermore, at yesterday’s event Square Enix also unveiled a short film made in collaboration with the Anomaly agency. The 3 minute and 30 second video is directed by Diego Contreras and features real actors, as well as background music composed by Masayoshi Soken, creator of the game’s music.