Final Fantasy XVI, the producer speaks: the game is in the final stages of development

The title was announced in 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 5

After being unveiled in 2020 there was no talk of Final Fantasy XVI for a very long time, and Square Enix had revealed that there would be no further news until the spring of 2022. Today, finally, game producer Naoki Yoshida revealed in an interview that the development of the sixteenth chapter of Final Fantasy it’s almost done. Yoshida also revealed that storytelling will still be the backbone of the game, and that there will be no room for multiplayer. “Final Fantasy XVI wants to combine history and videogame experience in a single player game. Unlike online, with multiple players at the same time, Final Fantasy XVI it focuses only on the individual. This will make the story more immersive and thick“, said the producer, who also confirmed how he wants to address the game also to all those who have abandoned the series over the years, and who will rediscover in this sixteenth episode the magic of the first episodes of the series. There is not yet a launch window for Final Fantasy XVIwhich will be released exclusively on PS5.