Finance, Volpato (Mediolanum): “Difficult current historical context, but trust not unrealistic”

“Clear and far-sighted investors and savers, misleading emotions”

In a historical context like that of recent years, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, war scenarios, inflation and skyrocketing rates, the savings of the Italian population and beyond are put to the test, but trust must never be lacking: “It’s not just an unrealistic hope, I believe it has very important foundations. It’s true that this historical period has brought together very important phenomena, which have touched people’s emotions, this is evident and we can only experience these events with the right concerns. However, I believe that when we think of the figure of the investor and saver, we must think of someone who is not devoid of clarity and perspective, because otherwise emotion obviously leads one astray”. This was stated by Stefano Volpato, commercial director of Banca Mediolanum, who spoke on the sidelines of the round table ‘Consulting with high added value: the most innovative models to meet customer needs in a context of great complexity’, held at Palazzo Castiglioni, in Milan , on the occasion of the Advisory forum ‘Capturing the future: new trends, challenges and opportunities, in the evolution of financial consultancy, private banking and wealth management’, organized by Professione finance.

“I think we should learn to wear the glasses of history, precisely to regain this clarity and perspective. If we shine the spotlight on the history of the last 60 years – explains Volpato – we would see how many crises have followed one another, practically without interruption. At least every two years within these 60 years extremely challenging situations have arisen. All this, however, has not prevented the world GDP, net of inflation, from multiplying eight times, an unmistakable sign of the progress that advances thanks to the desire irrepressible human being to improve their living conditions. This concept is something that has been there, is there and will always be there – underlines the commercial director of Banca Mediolanum – This period will be remembered as that of the very strong positive impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence. If we add it all up, I believe that the approach to adopt can only be filled with great hope and trust.”

In light of the recent and current historical context, Italians continue to be great savers: “Behind saving there is the need to protect oneself from fragility, to respond to those needs that will arise throughout life and to help oneself in realization of one’s aspirations – observed Volpato – Therefore, it is necessary to look at our country with great confidence, because we are first in the world for saving capacity, but it is also important to take a further step: learning to become not only great savers, but excellent investors. If we learn to do this, then the future for all Italian families can only be bright,” he concludes.