Find out how much Rosalía’s red leather suit costs

Rosalía is a Spanish singer from Barcelona who has become known in recent years thanks to her style of music. Also a producer and actress, she is currently one of the most important artists worldwide because she has managed to obtain important awards. With the album ‘Motomami’ she managed to reach the pinnacle of success and she is remembered for her choreography that went viral and for the costumes she used for the tour. It was known that in recent days, she put her red leather suit in a auction and you won’t believe how much it costs.

Thanks to the song ‘El mal querer’, rosalia it managed to have a good acceptance by the Spanish critics and earned him a Latin Grammy award for album of the year, a Grammy for best Latin rock album and was included among the 500 best musical themes in Rolling Stones magazine. But it wasn’t until the following year that he managed to break into urban music thanks to the single “Con Altura” with J Balvin.

Rosalía continues with her Motomami tour. Source Instagram @rosalia.vt

In the year 2022, rosalia She decided to dedicate herself to Latin music and released the album ‘Motomami’, with which she won great awards and also toured Latin America twice, just as she did a few weeks ago. As a result of her latest record work, songs like ‘Bizcochito’, ‘Despechá’, among others, and choreographies that ended up going viral came out.

For your concerts rosalia She wore a red leather suit that includes a miniskirt with a jacket and a bodysuit with side cuts, which went viral thanks to a video where the Spanish singer is observed chewing gum. This costume, which was created by Australian designer Dion Lee, will be auctioned off for a good cause.

Rosalía’s leather suit will be auctioned. Source Instagram @rosaliachileoficial

The red leather suit rosalia it is available at Julien’s Auctions and is worth between two thousand and three thousand dollars. All the money collected will go to the Antonio Gala Foundation, which is dedicated to granting scholarships to creative young people. It is not the only thing that the Spanish singer has donated, since there is also an autographed fridge and the butterfly helmet.

The leather suit will fetch about $3,000 at auction. Source Instagram @rosaliachileoficial