Find out what is the exotic breakfast that Karol G makes for Feid every day and he is already bored

The talented Colombian singer Feidin a recent interview on the famous Spanish program “The Anthill“, shared details of his life and surprised everyone by revealing what breakfast he prepares for him Karol G every day.

During the Interview, Feid He was asked about his morning routine and diet. When they asked him if it was true that he had to eat asparagus every day, the singer responded with a laugh: “Yes, ome, I’m already tired of eating asparagus. Greetings to Mrs. Caroshe makes me asparagus every morning in the morning.

Feid and Karol G together. Source: Instagram @reggaetontotal

These statements unleashed a wave of comments and reactions on social networks, as followers of Feid They couldn’t help but make jokes about the singer’s diet and deduced that “Mrs. Caro“referred to Karol Gwhose real name is Carolina Giraldo.

Despite his apparent asparagus fatigue, Feid He also mentioned that he is committed to his well-being and health. Although this vegetable is not his favorite food, he recognized that asparagus is healthy and is part of the balanced diet that he is currently following.

In addition to talking about your diet, Feid He revealed that he has dabbled in baking during his free time and has learned to make cakes and desserts. The vanilla cake recipe was the first one she found on Googlewhich demonstrates his interest in learning and experimenting in the kitchen.

As for the reactions on social media, there were a variety of comments. Some followers took the words of Feidwhile others expressed their personal opinions about his way of speaking about Karol G and your diet. In any case, these statements of Feid in “The Anthill” sparked an interesting online debate about the couple’s relationship and dietary preferences.