Fines for no vax over 50, the government clarifies

Palazzo Chigi: “Sanctions from 100 to 1500 euros”

After the controversy unleashed by the fine of 100 euros for non-vaccinated over 50s, defined as “a mockery” by scientists and virologists, Palazzo Chigi clarifies that in addition to the “100 euro fine for the sole fact of not undergoing the administration even though they are obliged (because over 50 years of age) “, there is also” a sanction from 600 to 1500 euros if the person obliged to take the vaccine is caught in the workplace without a reinforced green pass (from vaccination or recovery). In case of repeated violation, the sanction is doubled “and can therefore reach” up to a maximum of 3000 euros “. In addition, for workers over 50 who do not have the Super Green pass there is a “suspension from work, without pay”.

To the penalties provided for in the latest Covid dl, “are added those already contemplated by the rules that have prescribed the ‘reinforced’ green pass to access certain services and activities (for example, restaurants, gyms, trains, buses, cinemas, theaters, stadiums etc.). In these cases, in fact, those who are required to have a reinforced Green pass and therefore vaccination (regardless of age) are subject to a penalty of between 400 and 1000 euros if caught without a reinforced green pass in the places where it is necessary “, yes explains from Palazzo Chigi.