Fines to no vax over 50, skip the suspension in the dl Aid ter

The government does not present the amendment, the sanctions remain. For Health Minister Schillaci, reintegrating unvaccinated health workers “is a sign of pacification”

No amendment to the Aid ter decree, therefore the fines imposed on no vax over 50 remain. The confirmation comes from government sources that explain how – in the package deposited to the dl for the attention of the special Montecitorio commission – the Meloni government has not presented the amendment for the suspension of sanctions for the unvaccinated. As per the decision of the Council of Ministers, however, no step backwards on the reintegration of unvaccinated health workers, anticipated by the executive to November 1st from December 31st. It is “a sign of pacification”, the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci explained yesterday to Tg5. For the minister, in fact, “we must look ahead” while “the pandemic conditions are improving and we need to have these doctors at work in the national health system”.

In any case, the minister added, “i vaccines have been an indispensable tool in the fight against the pandemic“of Covid-19,” e remain to be recommended to frail people, the elderly and the weakest“.

Among the priorities of the disaster, the problem of the shortage of doctors in Italy, which “is an important problem. Doctors are better rewarded and need to have an adequate salary for the work they do”. Today “the salaries” of our white coats “are not in line with those in Europe and I am personally committed to finding a solution to this problem”, explained Schillaci.