Finland and Sweden in NATO, Turkey ‘against’ Stockholm

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu: “Finland respectful, Sweden provocative”

Finland “respectful” of Turkey’s concerns, Sweden “provocative”. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu thus judged the attitude of the two countries close to joining NATO, with Helsinki announcing that it will formally ask to join the Alliance while Stockholm will do so in the coming days.

“The statements by the Swedish Foreign Minister are unfortunately not constructive – denounced Cavusoglu, speaking in Berlin – He continues to make provocative comments”. Instead, the Ankara head of diplomacy underlined, the Finnish colleague is “very respectful” in the face of the “concerns” of Turkey, which has asked Sweden and Finland to “stop supporting Kurdish terrorist groups”.

Finland and Sweden “must stop supporting terrorist groups” such as PKK and YPG, reiterated Cavusoglu, speaking in Berlin at the end of the informal NATO meeting.