Fiorello: “Al Bano excluded from Sanremo? He will join the cast of ‘Terra Amara'”

In this morning’s episode of ‘Viva Rai2!’ also irony on Pier Silvio Berlusconi, on tax evaders and on Hamilton in Ferrari

New episode for ‘VivaRai2!’, the morning program hosted by Fiorello live from the Foro Italico. The most discussed topic by the Sicilian showman, together with Biggio and Casciari, was always Sanremo, less than a week before the start of the Festival. And there was still controversy with Amadeus as the protagonist: “Swiffer left. After Sinner, now a piece from 90: Al Bano, ‘excluded without hearing the song’ – said Fiorello -. It would have been worse if he had excluded him after hearing the song. When Amadeus respects a person, he doesn’t take them at Sanremo, he says ‘I respect him too much and I don’t want to hear it’. Because if he then hears the song and doesn’t like it, he takes it.”

“He must be happy, it means that he values ​​you a lot – he added -. Among other things, Al Bano is someone who doesn’t get it from him: I learned that he has contacts with Mediaset, he will join the cast of Terra Amara. He has already bought two sideburns to wear and yesterday he was spotted at a Turkish school. He is learning Turkish and will be the protagonist of the episode that will go against Sanremo!”, joked the showman. Speaking of Mediaset, there was an ironic warning: “I salute Pier Silvio, I recommend Al Bano and Terra Amara”. The CEO of Biscione does not want to enter politics: “Instead yes, he will enter politics, with Forza Italia. Or rather, with Pier Forza Italia!”, the showman joked.

Speaking of politics, during the episode we also talked about taxes. Leo, deputy minister of the economy, launched the hunt for tax evaders and Fiorello’s irony began: “He will look for them on the web. How does he do it? If he finds someone who writes ‘look at that car I have’, ‘look at that house ‘… they ask themselves, with what money? They have infiltrated social media, for example there are the Fiamme Gialle who dance to ‘Soldi’, Mahmood’s piece”. The showman appeared confident: “The web will now change: only one-star Mariuccia pensions, people who take their grandfather’s old car and write ‘I only have this one…'”.

Fiorello commented with a brief passage on sport, in this case on Formula 1 and the possibility of a future with Hamilton in Ferrari: “It’s right to take more seasoned drivers. He said ‘I’d like to come, after all I’ve already won enough’ …”.