Fiorello: “Amadeus last Sanremo, the son must go back to school”

The showman presents himself on the final evening: “Amadeus needs rest”

A mash up between Michael Jackson and Domenico Modugno in ‘Vecchio Frac’. Fiorello thus made his debut as co-host on the Ariston stage: dressed in a tailcoat trimmed with phosphorescent LEDs, the showman sang accompanied by Light Balance, a world-famous Ukrainian company from Kiev. “I was in office all afternoon to do this number,” he jokes. Then an exchange of words with Amadeus on the sensational audience percentages of the festival: “With 67% you are not a political party but an entire coalition alone. This wins the European elections and takes the Eurovision”, he says amid laughter of the audience.

The irony about the ‘not’ sixth Ama festival is inevitable: “Amadeus needs rest”, says Fiore. Then he turns to the host’s son, sitting in the front row: “I think of José, you’ve been there for five years. The Italians have seen you grow up in that chair. What will you do next year? You’ll have to go to school. I imagine the professor: José Sebastiani, with the code 01….”. Finally, Fiorello takes his leave to go and change. “I’m going – he says ironically about the length of the evening – because here when the last one has finished singing, the first one is already on tour”.