Fiorello and the interviews of the ‘Belvo’, Marracash becomes ‘Marrapos’ – Video

The news on ‘Viva Rai2!’

“There’s a new kids column. You know Francesca Fagnani? There’s something more. There’s Franco Fagnano, the ‘Belvo’. And he interviews Marracash”. Fiorello, on Viva Rai 2! thus presents the novelty, a space dedicated to interviews of the ‘Belvo’, to mimic the ‘Belve’ program by journalist Francesca Fagnani who this year will be co-host of an evening of the Sanremo 2023 Festival, alongside Amadeus.

And here is a video contribution that opens ‘the curtain’ of the interview in Marracash by ‘Belvo’ Fiorello behind a pair of dark glasses: “Every question is a bite to the interviewee – he began, while the ferocious cry of a black puma creates the ‘right’ atmosphere – Let’s welcome Fabio Bartolo Rizzo, because that’s what he’s called. But with a name like that, instead of being a rapper, wasn’t it better to be a flutist?”.

First question. Marrakech laughs. “Is it true that in Sicily they called it u marrucchinu?”. “Yes”, replies the rapper who was born in Nicosia, in the province of Enna. “From there the idea of ​​being called Marracash?”. “Yes,” confirms the singer. It’s still. “It is true that with the cash cap you want to change the name to Marrapos”. The puma emits its cry from ‘Belvo’. “Is it true that in your crib the Magi bring gold, incense and marra?”. Laughter from both. “Is it true that his favorite novel is Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’?”. “Yes, I said that 15 years ago.” “But then you are telling me that you have read a book?”. Laughter and flash performances of fake rap bars between Fiore and Marracash.

“Best performance you’ve done?”. “It was performing with a showman, a Frank Sinatra, an Elvis.” “We have that piece”, Fiore tells him and it is Marracash and Fiorello’s performance that is broadcast. Then on with Alessia Marcuzzi, who on several occasions connects with Viva Rai2! from the taxi that is taking her to the bar-studio, while she sings famous 80s songs with the driver until she arrives there. Alessia is about to return to Rai with a new format that will be broadcast in prime time on Rai2, entitled ‘Boomerissima’. Not surprisingly…songs from the 80s.