Fiorello and Viva Rai2, Sergio: “Rai wants to continue”

“I think Rosario wants to continue”. There is the ‘node via Asiago’

Will Fiorello be in the Rai 2023-2024 schedules after the success of Viva Rai2? “Fiorello’s program ‘Viva Rai2!’ it’s modern, innovative, an incredibly new formula that we were lucky enough to be able to have at our disposal. It’s not in this reasoning today because there is Rai’s will to continue, and I think Rosario wants to continue, but we have an issue that has not yet been resolved in via Asiago, that is, a street that is not only linked to Rai, because people live there, there are condominiums”, says Roberto Sergio, CEO of Rai, presenting the 2023-2024 schedule in the Center production of Naples.

“With my staff and I personally, we will try to reason with the condominiums to find a solution, a synthesis that will allow Rosario to resume this broadcast in November. It is something that the Rai company strongly wants, which I am not able to say if it will happen but we will do everything to make it happen”, adds Sergio.

Waiting to find out if the phenomenon of the season that has just ended, Fiorello’s ‘Viva Rai2’ street variety show, will be able to kick off in November with a reconciliation with the inhabitants of Via Asiago, prime and late evening Rai entertainment for the 2023-2024 season on the revival of flagships, from ‘Tale & Which’ to ‘Dancing with the stars’, but also on experimenting with so many new faces and new formats above all, but not only, on Rai2 which wants to intercept the younger audience. In September, the ‘classic’ shows on Friday and Saturday evenings will mark the opening of Rai 1 with Carlo Conti at the helm of Tale and Which Show and Milly Carlucci with Dancing with the Stars. Alongside these listening samples, there will be the reconfirmation of another brand that has received great appreciation: that The Voice Kids hosted by Antonella Clerici which has extended the strength of a format like The Voice Senior to the little ones, which will return to Rai in 2024 1.

There will also be the debut of Reazione a Catena with Marco Liorni in a prime time version (for two episodes on 30 September and 7 October). The appointment with ‘Sanremo Giovani’ and Amadeus will return, antechamber for the new promises who will be competing for a place in the great Sanremo event in February ’24. Entertainment at the service of solidarity will also return, with access-prime time and prime-time appointments with Telethon in the name of research on rare diseases.

Even the late evenings will contribute to consolidating Rai’s leadership in entertainment with the reconfirmation of successful titles such as ‘Ciao Maschio’ hosted by Nunzia De Girolamo on Saturdays on Rai 1.

The biggest news concerns Rai 2 with a series of debuts in the name of music, comedy and the game genre: ‘Truly false’ with Max Giusti, The Floor – only one will remain, Ale and Franz, Liberi tutti, two prime time with Stefano De Martino and an evening spin-off of Citofonare Rai 2. Alongside these titles, successful formats such as Il Collegio, Boomerissima and La Caserma are reconfirmed, without forgetting the cult late evenings of Bar Stella with De Martino, of Stasera c’è Cattelan on Raidue, of Enrico Ruggeri’s new program The eyes of the Musician and of Pour Parler with Maria Di Biase, Corrado Nuzzo and Francesco De Carlo.

In the prime time access of Rai2, as per the previews on the eve, Pino Insegno will arrive with the game-show ‘Il Mercante in Fiera’. Also on Rai2 on 17 September Tim Music Awards will be broadcast Special La festa conducted by Nek with Carolina Di Domenico. On Sundays, from 24 September to 29 October, “Il Collegio” will return in prime time, which will be posted in Lodi and will be set in 2001. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 26 September to 24 October, ‘Belve’ by Francesca Fagnani will return. The irony of Ale & Franz will also arrive on Rai2 for 3 episodes on 4, 11 and 18 December. Another novelty concerns ‘Liberi tutti’, hosted by Bianca Guaccero, Peppe Iodice and I Gemelli di Guidonia grappling with an original television interpretation of the international phenomenon of escape rooms. They will then return: ‘Boomerissima’ with Alessia Marcuzzi, from 31 October to 28 November; ‘La Caserma’, from Sunday 5 November to 3 December; Stefano De Martino will also be back with the new ‘De Martino Show’ of theatrical inspiration and with the confirmed ‘Bar Stella’; also confirmed ‘Tonight there is Cattelan on Rai2’, from 19 September to 25 October.

In the second evening of Rai2, ‘Pour Parler’ will debut with Maria Di Base, Corrado Nuzzo and Francesco De Carlo, broadcast from 29 August to 13 September on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but also ‘Gli Occhi del Musicista’ with Enrico Ruggeri, broadcast from December 12th to December 27th.

On Rai3, the cult ‘Blob’ and the Montecarlo Circus Festival on 24 and 31 December are very confirmed.