Fiorello and Viva Rai2!, the case of Via Asiago breaks out. Rai intervenes

The note from viale Mazzini: “We do not lend ourselves to exploitation”

The case of Fiorello and ‘Viva Rai 2’, still in doubt due to the protests of some condominiums in via Asiago, continues to hold the bench in Rai. With Viale Mazzini who intervened today by branding how “very imaginative” some of the reconstructions read this morning regarding the controversy. “We have never thought of meeting the residents of via Asiago individually, just as we have never foreseen any type of compensation. We do not lend ourselves to these exploitations”, reads a note.

As for the degradation – continues the note – we had already explained in recent days that in that street, in addition to the residents, employees, managers, technicians, DJs, singers, artists, personalities from the world of culture, politics, some for work, some just to participate to broadcasts of Rai Radio channels. Is exactly that part of the road concerned, ‘offending’, has always been returned to the citizenry, after each direct broadcast, in perfect conditionor. It is also regrettable to note that the popularity of the programme, authorized by the competent authorities to take place live in that strip of street, and the success of Fiorello’s idea are used to fuel controversy to the detriment of a radio and television production which has seen millions of Italians become passionate , having fun, starting over 100 days with a smile and good humour”.