Fiorello: “Dancing with the Stars more amendments than a budget”

To ‘Viva Rai2’: “I didn’t understand the regulation. There are people who are never eliminated. They are always there”

Approximately 7.30. “You have seen how many people are outside!” Fiorello says, looking together with the cast of ‘Viva Rai2’ at the people gathered around the bar-studio. And Biggio: “We have changed the habits of the Italians. They wake up early”. “There are more people here than in Dancing with the Stars. And speaking of this, I would like to make my own consideration. It’s a program that I adore very much. Every Saturday night I’m there to watch it, but I didn’t understand anything. I didn’t understand the regulation – Fiorello confesses laughing – There are people who are never eliminated. They’re always there. At a certain point I saw that they eliminated Mughini. I’m sorry, damn it. I thought. but then.. ‘And now Mughini!’. But why? But what is the system of rules. Not even in the budget bill there are many amendments! There is the little treasure of the treasure of the treasure. One wonders ‘But why did he go back to dancing? Because he is 28 points on the licence”.

San Remo 2023

“Did you hear what happened in Sanremo? There was a little quid pro quo, because it seems that the title of Madame’s original song was a little different. It seems to have been ‘Put…ana’. It seems. And that then it was changed to ‘The good in the bad’. And it seems that it was Madame herself who did it. And of course, she must have done it for Amadeus. But you imagine yourself for five nights … ‘With the code 01 Madame with ‘. ..tana’. It already happened with Pippo Baudo in ’93 when Marco Masini presented himself with a song entitled ‘Vaf…lo’. And to Baudo it didn’t seem true. Once in this regard he said to me: ‘But you know that every time I presented Masini’s piece, to make the title even more effective, I thought someone was pissing me off'”. Fiorello, in Viva Rai2!, thus jokes about the rumors relating to the title of the song that the artist Madame will bring to the Sanremo Festival 2023.