Fiorello: “Nothing against Tg1 but that press release could have been avoided”

The showman: “From Rai1 to Rai2 a door closed and a door opened”

“From Rai1 to Rai2 a door closed and a door opened. I understand Tg1, which defends its space. I have nothing against Tg1. The only thing that could have been avoided was that press release, not very elegant . A phone call was enough”. Fiorello, presenting ‘Viva Rai2’, thus returned, answering a question, on the controversy sparked by the press release of the CDR of Tg1 which had harshly protested against the initial project of landing the showman’s new program on Rai1, in the space currently occupied by Tg1 Morning. Controversy that then led to a change of destination of the program, on Rai2. “It was actually a simple step, for me you could also go to Rai5.

From the hypothesis of Rai1 to the landing on Rai2, Fiorello says: “you know when a door closes and a door opens. Tg1 understands it, the only thing that could have been avoided was that press release. But I have nothing against Tg1. Rai2 was a simple passage. Rai2 is treated like a fish in the face but has a glorious history. It was Renzo Arbore’s network, of programs such as ‘L’altra Domenica’ and ‘Indietro tutte’. And then we are all beautiful on Rai2: me, De Martino, Cattelan, Paola Perego, Simona Ventura. Not like Amadeus and Carlo Conti on Rai1 “, he jokes. The CEO of Rai, Carlo Fuortes, also intervenes on the subject: “So the programming of the two networks is more complementary, from a business point of view it fits perfectly. Rai2 must find a new identity and who better than Fiorello can help us!”.

Answering a question about the fact that his presence on Rai2 in the morning risks damaging Tg1, Fiorello then replies: “Tg1 has an 11% share, Rai2 at that time has 2%. So the problem is not arises. Our program needs time and the competition at that time is very strong: not only Tg1 but also Tg5 and La7. So whoever watches us will make a precise choice. And many will watch us on RaiPlay in another time of day”.