Fiorello on Rai: “In via Asiago I have the Daspo, after me only meditation and yoga…”

The show at the Rai headquarters where Viva Rai 2 was broadcast early in the morning

“Thank you for my return, I arrived here late because I have the daspo in via Asiago and I can’t enter easily…”. She immediately introduces herself with a joke Fiorellosurprise guest at the press conference to present the new schedules of Rai Radioright in the headquarters in via Asiago, the street from where his program was broadcast early in the morning ‘Viva Rai 2’.

“Now after me, two centers will open in front of me, one for meditation and one for yoga – he predicts jokingly Fiorello – it will be a road of silence and peace, not for eternity but for a long time…”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)