Fiorello replies to Schlein: “Once upon a time the communists quoted Gramsci, now me”

The showman: “You can register a square in my name, but while I’m alive”

Fiorello, Elly Schlein and the quotes of the ‘communists’. The showman was quoted yesterday by the secretary of the Democratic Party, who used the phrase ‘I wouldn’t have anything black to wear’ to explain, jokingly, his no to the invitation to participate in Atreju, the Fratelli d’Italia event, where he would was able to meet with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Therefore, Fiorello’s reply could not be missing in today’s episode of ‘VivaRai2!’: “Once upon a time the communists quoted Gramsci, today they quote me… Feel free to register a square in my name, but while I’m alive. I’ll also be happy with a driveway, you can write there ‘Fiorello can’t park here – the showman joked – Meloni, when she learned that Schlein wasn’t coming, immediately said ‘Now who’s bringing the Prosecco?’. She was very sorry too.” , concluded Fiorello.

In yesterday’s episode Fiorello had joked about the main themes that dominated the newspapers. Starting with Meloni’s invitation to Schlein. “Apparently Giorgia Meloni invited Elly Schlein to Atreju – she commented – Convinced that it was a location, Schlein searched for Atreju on Google Maps and ended up in a town from the Lord of the Rings. In the end – she concludes amidst laughter in the studio – he thanked for the invitation, but did not accept. ‘I have nothing black to wear’ was apparently his response.”