Fiorello, return to the big time: jokes about the Pope from Fazio then the phone call from the afterlife to Berlusconi

The excited showman after the Christmas break stings ‘Viva Rai2!’ between the ‘blue monday’ of viale Mazzini and the cardinals’ chat

After the Christmas break the spotlight is back on the ‘Viva Rai2!’ program, live from the glass of the Foro Italico, Fiorello, Biggio, Casciari and the whole gang go wild with songs, dances, great guests to lighten up this #BlueMonday. ”Today is the saddest day of the year – Fiorello begins – think when yesterday’s ratings come out and those of Rai see what Fabio Fazio has done, they will be very sad. Not everyone can have the Holy Father as a guest…”. And he adds: ‘The cardinals are angry with him, they have already eliminated him from their Whatsapp group, which is called ‘Urbi et Orbi’. After the episode Fazio was already baptizing children.”

But Fiorello is unstoppable and, to challenge Fazio, improvises a phone call with the afterlife, with a hilarious result. ‘Pietro, how are you? Who is next to her?…Silvio! Are you with Mike and playing trumps against Che Guevara and Minà?! However, it is not right for the Pope to go to Fazio as a guest, he should be with the last, with the unfortunate… he should go on Rai2! – he continues amidst laughter in the studio – I know Silvio, with you in government it would never have happened. You have to say hello to two people if you see them, Maurizio and Raffaella!”.

The episode continues with a great scoop on Sanremo 2024. The showman, in fact, receives the call from Amadeus live. It is the host himself who shows a video message from Russell Crowe confirming his participation as an international super guest at the Festival. ”I’m happy to have been invited as a guest – declares the New Zealand actor – among other things I discovered that I have Italian origins, in Ascoli Piceno. Hello Italians, on my signal unleash hell”.

After the actor’s message, Amadeus clarifies: ”We will have Russell Crowe on Thursday evening, he will play a blues piece for us. Among other things, he is shooting a film in Australia: just think, he finishes filming on February 6th, Sanremo will come on the 7th and on the 8th it will be broadcast on Rai1. And all at his expense”. Fiorello echoes him: ”Ama, you are our Holy Father! ”.

In closing, the showman reserves the public another surprise: an appeal to the great Adriano Celentano, who created a rock ‘n’ roll piece exclusively for Viva Rai2. ”Adriano, you have to come back and show yourself because we need it. For us you are on the same level as the Pope! I’m not Amadeus, but I’ll tell you: if I do something with Adriano in Sanremo, I promise to get the Lollobrigida cut”, who changed her look for the new year with a hair transplant.