Fiorentina, Arthur does not recover

The latest at Fiorentina, match against Frosinone on Sunday

A team that can no longer find itself, a very important match on the horizon against Frosinone. Fiorentina prepares for the match against the Ciociari and there is no good news. Arthur’s return becomes complicated, the latest from Florence tell of physical problems still to be resolved for the former Juventus player, who will also be unavailable against the Ciociari. Net of any surprises, let’s be clear.

The goal of the Viola’s medical staff is to recover
in time for the recovery of the 21st matchday against Bologna, scheduled for Wednesday 14 February. A realistic horizon, although we will navigate by sight so as not to risk these muscular problems becoming something much more serious for the Brazilian’s condition.

Without Arthur from the first minute, Italiano thinks about the possible formation fit there in the midfield. Maxime Lopez did little to convince in the Via del Mare race, returning from Lecce with a full 5 on his report card. Much better, however, Mandragora who impacted the match as a substitute with a 7 and a surprise +3. It is possible that the former Udinese player will start against Frosinone, ahead of his French counterpart in the run-offs. for Adnkronos