Fiorentina-Juve, Renzi: “We shouldn’t play the match today”

The leader of Italia Viva supports the request of the Curva Fiesole. Mayor Nardella: “The League decides”

Fiorentina-Juventus should not be played today, according to Matteo Renzi. The leader of Italia Viva agrees with the Fiesole curve, the heart of the Viola supporters, who is asking for the match to be postponed while the region is still dealing with the flood emergency of recent days. “Today Fiorentina Juventus is being played. For the Viola fans it is not a match: it is THE match. A special choreography is prepared for an entire year and the Fiesole curve is prepared for big occasions. But after what happened in Tuscany with the bad weather how can we play today? And in fact the fans understood this well by proposing to postpone the match”, says Renzi.

“Playing the match at these hours makes no sense at all: there are many areas still in difficulty around Florence, it is not logical to send hundreds of police, carabinieri, rescuers to the stadium instead of Campi Bisenzio or Quarrata. Asking for a postponement is a simple thing and dutiful: it’s a shame that only the ultras said the right thing while the institutions instead are doing something profoundly wrong. Heartfelt thanks to the fans who prove to be more sensitive and humane than the managers of the sacred business of football”, writes Renzi on social media.

The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, also intervenes on the topic. “I would like to be very clear – he says in a video on Instagram -. The decision on whether to play tonight’s match is up to the Serie A League alone, the Municipality has no competence. I thank the Curva Fiesole for the sensitivity it is showing especially in helping the many volunteers. I am in Cerreto Guidi with volunteers and Civil Protection. I find the political controversy about tonight’s match out of place when we are all in an emergency to roll up our sleeves to help families and companies in difficulty and to remove the mud from the streets”, he concludes